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2020 Ram Heavy Duty Starts To Reveal It’s Face:

Best Look Yet Of The New Ram Heavy Duty...

Our friends at Real Fast Fotography have caught yet another 2020 Ram Heavy Duty out testing, giving us our best look yet at the new front end. This truck, believed to be a 5500 chassis cab is wearing heavy camo, but thanks to our quick thinking photographer we are now able to make out some more details. 

2020 Ram Heavy Duty
2020 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab Prototype. (Real Fast Fotography).

Based on what we can see in these spy shots we believe that the upcoming Ram HD’s will be more differentiated from their half ton siblings than ever before. The front bumper appears to be of a similar design to the all new Ram 1500 with front parking sensors hidden in the fog light trim and bumper air inlet. Looking up higher we can see a much larger grille that seems to be similar in shape to the current heavy duty trucks. The grille insert shares the same pattern as the insert on the 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Limited. The large RAM text is also front and center in the grille and houses the front camera just under the A like the new 1500s.

2020 Ram Heavy Duty
2020 Ram 5500 Chassis Cab Prototype. (Real Fast Fotography).

Headlights appear to be LEDs and again while partially covered seem to be of a different shape and design than those of the new 1500’s. We also see new tow mirrors which we imagine will trickle down to the 5th Gen 1500’s. The current tow mirrors are carried over from the last generation and are not compatible with the 360 degree surround view cameras.


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